Our feature packed photo booths are seriously the most fun you can have this side of Disneyland. Touchscreen operated, they’re a piece of cake to use. Tap the screen, strike a pose and off you go. We give you everything you need to make a party and are open to everything and anything to make it yours.

Go your hardest, all night long! For the time that you've hired the photo booth, you can use it as many times as you like. Want a photo with your partner? No problem. Want a photo with the waiter serving your table? Go for it. Partner AND the waiter? Why not?! It's your booth, use it all you like.

I'm sure your guests are beautiful enough to go #nofilter but everyone loves playing with filters!


Over 30 to choose from! Everything from sepia to our custom Kim Kardashian filter (Beauty combined with black and white) your guests will never struggle to make each photo unique!


Customise the heck out of your photo booth hire! We have a sweet range of print designs, super fun backdrops and an awesome range of prop packs and party themes that you can choose from. But don't let us hold you back...


If you're the creative designy type of person, or you're working with a stylist, then go totally nuts... let's all work together to create something fully amazing and completely you.

Designed by us, especially for you. Our backdrops are big, bold and fun! We've created a range of backdrops that will look amazing at any party. But hey don't let us get in the way of a good time - we're totally open to suggestions. If your venue has a kickass wall, let's use that. Feeling crafty? Why not try making your own.




We’ve designed a set of gorgeous print designs for you to choose from. From vintage or retro to moderns and plain-and-simple, we have it covered. We also offer a bespoke design service, so if you want something extra special we can help you out with that too. Of course, you’re most welcome to design your own as well and we’ll gladly send you some templates to work with.


Ahh! Props. It wouldn’t be a photo booth without props. We’ve literally hundreds of props. None of the cheesy stuff – it’s all style and class here. Having a themed event? Let us help you find some stuff that will really step things up a notch.



A GIF is a series of photos captured really, really quickly, mashed together, played forwards, then backwards, looped and then shared straight to Instagram (or Facebook, or to email, or to your phone… or, well, you get the idea).


We love talking GIF's! From animated overlay's, boomerangs and GLITCH's to video greenscreen.... the more Giffy the better! Lets keep your guests guessing!

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